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1. How long does a tan last?
Depending on how well you prepare for your tan and how well you take care of your spray tan afterwards (MOISTURIZE!), approx. 5-7 days. If you tan regularly, your skin will get used to the spray, and will hold the color longer.

2. How long does a tanning session take?
A single tanning session takes 30 minutes (includes drying time).

3. How long do I wait to shower after a tanning session?
We recommend waiting 8 hrs before showering.

4. Can I work out or swim after a tanning session?
No. You cannot have excessive sweating or any water contact to your body on the day of the tan. However, after waiting the recommended 8 hours you can resume your normal daily activities.
Remember: chlorine has bleach in it; so swimming in a pool will make your tan fade faster.

5. How do I make my tan last as long as possible?
Moisturizing will lengthen the life of your tan (however, do not apply lotion until after you shower). However, your face will tend to fade a tiny bit faster, regardless of applying moisturizer. This is because we wash and exfoliate it more often than other areas of the body.

6. What kind of product do you use for tanning?
We are proud to use Artesian & Norvelle Tanning solutions. They are all natural, sugar- based products that are approved by the FDA.

7. Should I exfoliate after my tan?
No. Exfoliating will shorten the life of your tan. Your tan will fade naturally as your skin exfoliates itself. However, you should exfoliate at the end of your tan, before you return for your next tanning session or if there is an area on your body that has not faded as fast as the others.

8. How do I maintain a tan year round?
You may frequent the studio as often as once a week. To achieve the best possible looking tan it is best to let the entire tan exfoliate naturally from your skin (which takes approx 14 days), before you return for your next session.

9. Will a spray tan protect me from getting sunburned?
No! When going into the sun, you must wear sun protection.

10. What do I wear while tanning?
WOMEN: you are welcome to tan nude or topless, depending on your preference. Keeping in mind, if you choose to wear clothing, you will have definite tan lines.
MEN: our policy is that we DO NOT tan nude men; so boxers, a Speedo or a thong is recommended. Nothing lace (leaves unique tan lines), white or silk to tan in, as the bronzer may not wash out of these fabrics.

11. What do I wear after my tanning session?
Although our tanning product adheres to the skin very well, with minimal smell, it is always best to wear loose dark clothing after the tan. As long as your clothing is not tight and you are not sweating, there should be minimal to no transference of the product to your clothing. Do not wear silk clothing until after you shower, as the bronzer may leave permanent stains.

12. Can I wear the tan out on the day I get sprayed?
Yes. The day of your tanning session you will have an amazing glow, just make sure you have no water contact to the body and that you are not sweating.

13. Can I put on deodorant after the tan?
Yes. You can apply deodorant approx. one hour after your tan.

14. Do you spray my face as well?
Yes. Tanning your face is one of the best parts, because it gives you a warm and healthy glow. However, it is the first place you will notice fading. This is because our skin is thinnest on our face and also because we wash and exfoliate it more than any other part of our body. 

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